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nautical consultancy

Professional sailing team

We are a sailing professional team  able to offer personalized counselling according to your needs. You can buy a plan or request personalized advice.

Tailored Plans

Free plan

Find the right boat to rent
Price: free plan

  • Destination preference analysis
  • Review of onboard comfort and sailing expectations
  • Customized report with vessel model, features and pricing
  • Initial 25-minute private call
  • Email feedback and reporting

Expert plan

Specific nautical advice
Price: 400USD

  • 45 minute of initial private call
  • In-depth analysis of preferences
  • Search for the correct boat to buy or rent
  • Customized reports with boats models, features and prices
  • Email feedback and report
  • Additional phone advice on request

Custom Plan

Personalized advice on your requests
Price on request

  • Purchase: choose the boat to buy
  • Rent: choose the boat for your perfect holiday
  • Regatta and race setup: technical and strategic consultancy
  • rigging, sailing experts, proof expertise, routage and meteo consulting


Our Story, our team

We are a sailing professional team able to offer personalized counselling according to your needs. You can buy a plan or request personalized advice.

Sailing charter around the world

Tour operator service and yachts brokers to find the best charter boats in the world.

Power boat and sailing yachts experts

Experts for maritime damages and maintenance, consultancy on on-board systems, equipment and boats engines.

Regattas and sports preparation

Racing experts at your service. Extensive one-design class experience, mini 6.50, Class40 and much more.


Latest News

Our latest information, we share cases about our plans, and experience of sailing trips

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