Lagoon Catamarans: Sell, rent, build catamarans and luxury yachts-News-Shape your SIXTY catamaran as you like!

Lagoon meets your desires and needs. In this sense, our catamaran construction pursues two main values: comfort on board and pleasure in sailing. For this reason, SIXTY series yachts have three different layout configurations on board, such as sailing version SIXTY 5 and motorized version SIXTY 7 .

If you desire to have a low-key, restrained side kitchen on the port side, please choose the “Galley down” layout!

In this layout, the salon area is completely designed as a living room, with a total area of ​​more than 30m², with two living spaces: a dining area and a relaxation area.

The side galley may be a wonderful solution for going out to sea with the crew members. In fact, the side kitchen design provides a relatively private space for crew members. They can gather in the kitchen and prepare meals without hindering other guests.

The side kitchen is well-equipped with exquisite interiors and is specially designed to satisfy everyone’s comfort. With contemporary style and suitable functionality, the kitchen makes the most of the space in a very reasonable way.

Whether it is for the ship owner or the crew members, the side kitchen is their favorite breakfast space or a comfortable relaxing space.

In addition, if you choose a central cabin, crew members can also directly enter the galley and aft cabin from their cabin. Moreover, crew members can also enjoy fast access to the living room and their resting space. This layout is ideal for creating harmony on board.

If you want to have a warm and friendly kitchen in the yacht center, please explore the “Galley up” version!

Many boat owners prefer to participate in life on board while preparing meals. These boat owners like to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the sea while cooking, and share the happy and happy time on the boat while sailing.

You belong to this type of ship owner? Then, the central kitchen in the salon area is tailor-made for you!

The space where the salon area is located creates a very pleasant atmosphere. The kitchen is equipped with the highest level and the setting is ergonomic, thus creating a spacious and comfortable living room. Everything is presented in the most exquisite and delicate interior design.

The central island becomes a reasonable and comfortable transition between the kitchen area and the dining area. It is also equipped with a bar-style chute-type tall cabinet. The design increases the cooking space on the side of the kitchen area, creating an easy-to-reach reception desk. On the other side, the tall cabinet becomes a bar counter, which is convenient for arms to lean on or share cocktails together.

To enjoy the ultimate comfort, please choose the lounge version of the salon area!

In the new layout configuration in 2021, there is a side kitchen design (that is, the “lower kitchen” version).

You will enjoy the dining area on the port side and the lounge area on the starboard side. The salon area includes a low table, a large sofa, and a fully equipped bar counter (bottle collection equipment, wine glasses, sink and refrigerator). This hospitable corner adds a wonderful living space to the salon area. The bar counter with tall cabinets and stools allows friends to enjoy the spacious, beautiful living room space and 360° sea views while tasting fine wines.

As you know, the SIXTY series catamarans can be modularly designed according to your desires and sailing projects!

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