Make a cruise plan that suits you according to the weather

With the latest weather technologies you can plan and organized a safely summer cruise; taking into account that weather patterns cannot be predicted in advance, but with good forecast reliability in the immediate vicinity of departure.

The forecast time frame is not constant and regulated with precise laws, it obviously depends on the climate weather context of the moment: in the presence of a solid African anticyclone the forecast is reliable even 4-5 days away, on the contrary, in a context of storm instability the forecast is not reliable even within 36 hours.

In the latter circumstance, the various updates must be constantly monitored to keep up to date with the material forward-looking changes in the short term.

The most suitable tool to manage navigation is the Meteoroute, which can be built through two modes:

The first is using the map plotter available at

Zooms in to locate the area of interest in the digital card you propose and with the click of the mouse you enter the waypoints so that you generate the meteor. By clicking near the coast the system will detect the presence of any ports nearby and ask if you want to start from one of these or from the coordinates to which the point where I clicked.

Once the route is built, you will save it and you can consult the forecasts along the custom navigation. In case along the route you want to make several-day stops in certain ports, you will need to build as many meteors as the stops and then better prepare the adjustments, docking and safety of the crew according to the forecasts. Forecasts along the route can be found in map and synopsis format, also available in pdf format.

The second mode of construction of a meteoroute a is through the System Port – Port, you have to know in advance the marines where you want to leave and arrive, in case you can locate them from the database of meteomed and generate a meteoroute without the need of the map plotter. The way the cards are consulted are the same as in the first system.

The third mode is the correct reading of the synopsis charts, which appear in both previous modes. Meteomed’s meteor system is built in such a way that you can have a high forecast reliability up to a maximum of 8 days.

“In the synopsis consultation it is possible to read at an hourly deadline, the location where you are at the established cruising speed. In addition, there is both real wind and wave information with reference to the impact on the boat with respect to the direction of navigation. In this way we could easily imagine how the wave will break on the hull and what kind of navigation we will have to conduct, so take precautions in case,” explains Riccardo Ravagnan Meteo Forecast & Services Manager of Meteomed.